Life 101 (a course on how to master life and living)
7 Critical Lessons that Build a Permanently Strong Inner Foundation
That yields Clarity, Confidence, Peace, Life Solutions and Ultimate Purpose.

Eliminates inner conflicts

The results of a 5 decades long search for Truth and the optimum ways to live
that included deep involvements in 20 different approaches to lifestyle, Truth and personal problem solving
that finally worked in ending my inner problems and giving me peace, confidence and deep fulfillment... and can work for you too! :-)

After doing this course, you won't need a psychologist, counselor or growth group of any kind. You will be independently strong and clear for life.

How to have permanent and continual peace and clarity!

OBJECTIVELY PROVEN ANSWERS to life's basic and BIGGEST questions

You will learn how to have a DIRECT relationship with God (in the way God wants it to be)
My engineering background enables me to view a human being as a functioning biological, emotional, and spiritual machine. And like all machines, if you want them to run smoothly, they are designed to work only in very specific ways. Operate them correctly, and get good results (experiences). Go against their designs and get bad experiences (whose purpose is to get you on course to functioning correctly). With this course, you will learn how to always know what correct and incorrect functioning are. And as human beings, whether we like it or not, we don't have the power to change the basic biological, emotional, and spiritual designs and the experiences that will result when living them out.

Objectively proven answers to some of life's toughest questions
How one can be okay inside even if the outer world is not what they wanted or hoped for.
How to fill the void inside without resorting to drugs and other things that can harm or kill you.
How to not be needy that any particular person loves or accepts you without falling apart.
How to not have a lot of money or material things and even be in debt without losing your peace.
How to correct your inner self-talk by catching lies we tell ourselves and instead know THE proven truth.
Identifying societal lies/delusions and then knowing the truth that will set you free.
Objective, science-backed proof that God exists.
Objective, science-backed proof that the Bible is all true.
How to be Addiction Free Forever.
How to have a great relationship/marriage.

Module 1: Proof that God exists Objective, Scientific Proof that God Exists. And Proof is Critical. Otherwise, what makes a belief in God any more credible than atheism? This course contains the most advanced scientific (yet easy to understand) and philosophical proofs in history ... including new proofs backed by modern science.

Module 2: The Most Advanced Personal/Spiritual Formation Program on Earth This course contains the most advanced scientific and philosophical proofs in history ... including new proofs. This is critically important because a person is only going to carry out what they believe is true. Therefore, a point of this module is so that a person knows without a shadow of doubt what THE truth is about life and existence, which then ensures a peaceful, functional life that is in harmony with God :-)

Module 3: Understanding God's motive and 7 Phase history with free will beings Objective Understanding of God's motive and plan in creating free will beings (including us) and His 7 phase His-story in solving the problem that comes with free will.

Module 4: Experience peace about death Why Jesus said that “few” will make it to Heaven, including some in ministry. How we can have a real assurance about the afterlife.

Module 5: How to experience and zero in on our Creator's guidance in every moment

Module 6: Why following the Bible works and (unlike how it's often represented in the world) contains the ultimate spiritual path Both personal and societal proof that following the Bible to the letter creates peace, love, a sound mind, no fear, no intimidation, confidence, security, clarity, a high sense of purpose, deep fulfillment, and no weakness for addictions.

Module 7: Why following the mainstream culture and "the flesh" doesn't work Proof that following the mainstream culture and every impulsive thing that emanates out of “the flesh” doesn't work.

Most of this includes Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom
that you generally don't find in church.

Digital vs. Physical option
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Read Me First!
Proverbs 3:13, "Happy is the person who finds wisdom and increases their understanding." And you'll be doing a lot of that here :-)
When you finish this course and accomplish all that's in it, you will be independently strong and clear for the rest of your life :-) The world's ways and other people's opinions will have no power over you. Your primary connection will be with your Creator, who will infuse you with peace and strength as you are in unity with Him and His ways. Like the Bible says, you will just be a traveler here on Earth heading for your final destiny, which is eternity in a perfect Kingdom, which you will also be a citizen of while on Earth, where your experience will become more and more in harmony with God … one of power, love, a sound mind and no fear.

So with that inspiration, this is what you will accomplish with this course. You will build your understanding and experience of life by going through the modules here. And that building will start with a foundation of what the proven truth is about this existence. It will not be a belief, but rather an acceptance of what the proven truth is … that there is a God behind existence and that that God loves human beings and therefore gave us a book as to what everything is about, and how we can be a part of His perfect society, which human beings have failed but which will triumph in the end, and which we can be a part of both now and in the end.

In this course I will show how to have total confidence - both intellectually and experientially - that what is in that book is all true. Then I will show how to understand and apply what is in that book, as well as the statistical reasons to do so.

Also you will learn how God also is a continual presence within us.

This course is going to give you the opportunity to focus on that which is rarely focused on in this life, yet is the most important focus: Why are we here? Where did everything come from? Why was it all created? What is the meaning and purpose of it all? What was the motive and plan of its Creator? And how do we fit in? And as you learn the answers to all of those questions, know that what you will be learning is based on objective, scientific proof. Unfortunately, most of those behind the mainstream institutions show no interest in all of this … to their own detriment, given that not one of them will escape death, where ALL will be confronted with these questions and how they responded. And worse yet, how they prevented others from addressing these questions through censorship and diverting people away from these questions through entertainment, sports, and indoctrination in schools and on television with the tenets of its religion - Secular Humanism (which is propagated with the science fiction of evolution and global warming and the dysfunctional ways of political correctness).

So you'll start with module 1 and building the foundation. You'll do so by following what is in the “Module 1 Checklist” and in the order that is laid out for absorbing the materials in Module 1. It's important to start your building of the foundation with a proof of God's existence, because everything after won't have credibility if the basic building blocks of the foundation aren't proven beyond a shadow of doubt.

Here is a key understanding to begin with. An honest evaluation of life shows that human beings only have limited control over their experience in this life. And many of them struggle against their natural inclinations in order to fit in with the mainstream culture and the people around them. That includes what they have done in this regard and trained themselves in the errors of others and the world along the way. But only following God's designs yields the best experiences and avoids the worst experiences. This is just objective fact, as we all play this game of life that we've been placed in along with God. Therefore, the wise person learns the rules of the game and lives in harmony with its good outcomes rather than struggle against the set good rules of the designs just to follow the world or others or the impulsive side of their “flesh”.

There is one other VERY important realization to begin with. In all my years in psychology, there is one principle that stands above the rest in us gaining the most control we can have in this life. And here it is. Whatever we THINK is true, our heart will respond AS IF it's true, whether it's true or not. Therefore, one test of whether we are in harmony with THE truth and the Optimum Human Design is if the experiences in our heart are positive or negative. The Bible also says this with the statement "As a man thinks, so is he." (When the Bible says "man" it means "human", not just "male", but "male and female"). So if we want to improve our experience, we must change our thinking to be more in line with THE truth. And THE truth is what this course will be presenting AND proving. Another Bible verse that applies here is: "Be transformed by the renewal of your mind."

So lets get started in building your understanding and acknowledgment of THE Truth about life (and Plato's Law of Non-Contradiction says that there is ONLY ONE true explanation as to what is behind life and what it's all about … which you'll come to fully know with this course). And that starts with Module 1's Objective Proof of the Existence of God.

To purchase this course (with a 60 day money back guarantee if you do all the homework and aren't satisfied) - choose one of the options below.
Digital vs. Physical option
Putting the price in perspective:
Wouldn't the price of the one time, over and done events of

a couple of nights at an inexpensive hotel or

a moderately priced airline flight or

a couple of visits to a psychologist

be worth an investment in having your mind and heart achieve peace and clarity for the rest of your life and after this life?

Insurance Option: 24/7 Email support for an extra $100
Testimonials for Dennis's writing (much of which is included in this program)

"This is a very important book that is greatly needed at this time. I agree that the Bible should be the ultimate resource for life and living and that the world could greatly benefit from being logically and scientifically shown that this is true."
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, New York Times #1 Best-Selling "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series

"Dennis Marcellino is clearly an authority on the scientific evidence that proves that God exists... a prerequisite to knowing WHY WE ARE HERE! And unlike others who give proofs, which are often difficult-to-grasp, micro-science proofs, his are simple and easy to understand. (Not having this information is like) getting on a horse and riding in all directions. If you want to settle the questions that when answered will bring true peace of mind, then I highly recommend you tune out the rest of the world and tune into what this fascinating expert has to share. "
- Randy Gilbert, Bestselling author of "Success Bound"

"Why Are We Here? is the scientific answer to an age-old question and readers don't need to be a scientist or philosopher to understand. It was written with the intent of investigating what could be scientifically concluded about theology and its related fields. Why Are We Here? is engaging reading and a highly recommended addition to any philosophy and theological reading list surveying the general questions related to the meaning of life."
James A. Cox, Internet Bookwatch

"Dennis Marcellino has the answer. Actually, with an education that ranges from science and engineering to theology and psychology, Marcellino has many answers. But in his new book, Why Are We Here?, he chooses to answer the one question that has puzzled intellectuals for centuries."
Laura Gunderson, Clackamas Review

"You get an awful lot of research, thought, work and wisdom condensed into this one book. It's not a sloppy nor sentimental work but a rigorous and joyous proof."
Dave Kirby, Book Bit, WTBF-FM, Troy, Alabama

"Dennis Marcellino is such a prolific writer and thinker."
Susan Filkins, Rose Sparrows Literary Agency, New York

"A wonderful book! The author marries his science/engineering background with his cultural/musician experiences. This book is an A to Z about life....a sequential journey starting with the origins issue, all the way through to the end of life and beyond. You should buy 10 copies and give them to your family, friends, people in your church and co-workers!"
Steve Carr, Talk Show Host for "Destiny", WYLL, Chicago

"In using science to explore what is usually an emotionally charged subject, Marcellino provides a strong fact-based philosophical approach which is compelling."
Diane Donovan, The Philosopher's Bookshelf, The Midwest Book Review

"Why Are We Here? answered all my questions, and is written in a very informative, "down to earth," manner. It is wonderful! It is one of the most helpful books I've ever read. I Love It!
Ann, Ohio

"Dennis has a very interesting...a VERY interesting story to tell!"
Joe Galuski, WSYR, Syracuse, NY

"The greatest book ever! If people would just read it and really look at what it's saying! He explains it scientifically, and there's no way that anybody can dispute it. He's a genius."
Jerry, Vancouver, WA

"Why Are We Here? should be rated one of the best in Apologetics.
I could hardly put it down."
Nate Camacho, seminarian at Calvary Chapel School of Ministry

"I was severely addicted to alcohol and cocaine. I'd tried everything I could find, including AA and Narc-Anon. But it wasn't until I followed the Addiction Free Forever program that I finally experienced an inner strength that allowed me to conquer my addiction problem."
Quote from a pilot for a major airline who flunked his drug test

"The Addiction Free Forever program is the best program I've seen in all my years of working with addiction. In fact it is the ONLY way that I've seen to be able to bring a permanent end to addiction. AFF is as close to perfection as perfection can be in the 'world' of addicton! It has the power to bring addiction to an abrupt and permanent end for anyone choosing to get their life back and move forward. As a former nurse, interventionist and addictions life coach, with a history of working three decades in the medical field, it is a great day to wake up knowing that the Goliath of Addiction is being taken down in the Spirit of David. When my own dream crossed paths with Dennis' a few short years ago, I knew that the end to a seemingly hopeless road would soon be met with hope & healing!”
Diane Perkins

Dear Dennis,

I wanted to write to you to thank you for saving my life, literally. Not long ago, I was in despair and ready to take my own life. I have been an alcoholic for several years and lost everything that has been important to me because of that. But most recently, I had gotten engaged to a person who I consider an angel from God. Well my drinking and lack of success with my work lead to her leaving me and not wanting to continue together. I was completely broken and ready to take my own life. And when I say ready, I'm talking about seconds away from squeezing the trigger. Somehow by the grace of God I didn't and today I feel better than ever. God somehow lead my online to order your book and I did. I was broken down, crying and ready to end it and somehow I found your book online and ordered it right away. Well I wanted to say thank you for saving my life. That's not a joke. Between what you had written in your book, plus the strength that God put in me, I did not take my own life. Because of alcohol, I lost everything in my life. Money, a good job, and the most important person in my life. Well NO MORE!! I will never take another drink in my life, and I can say that without a problem. I almost checked myself into a rehab facility but instead just followed your book and ever since have been on my way to a better more fulfilling life. I wanted to thank you for everything. I often sit down and read your book over and over because it just makes more sense every time I read it. Dennis, you and God together saved my life!!! I have an 11 year old daughter who obviously has no idea mentally where I was or how close I was to ending it. So I want to say thank you on behalf of her and myself. For anyone out there who thinks you're better off dead, I'm here to tell you your wrong. Dennis, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my daughter too. I will never go back to the person I was. If ever I can help you, don't ever hesitate to give me a call.

Thank you again (New Jersey)

(More feedback from others who tried my Addiction Free Forever program)
"I was addicted to Oxycontin and your great program freed me from that. I will be forever grateful to you."

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Dennis,
All I have to say about your program is good news. My name is Ben ****** from Wisconsin. I had been involved with drugs and alcohol for 5 years of my life through High School and a year after High school. I had struggled for a year or so before I was successful (took an owi to get there). I was surprized how fast (it) worked in me it was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. I have no desire to use drugs or alcohol anymore. My life was starting to go on the upsweep by following your program. My mom has helped me so much, she was the one who told me about your program. I had such a feeling of peace and love come over me I felt high ... it was definitely awesome. It never really went away either I still feel it within me as I write this to you. I never really quite understood it until I actually felt it. I wanted to share my good news with you that I no longer smoke, drink or do anything risky to get an unnatural high anymore and life is excellent for me now.
Thank you again Ben (Wisconsin)

Hey dennis,
My name is Billy, I just got finished reading the book that you wrote: addiction free forever. you really hit the nail on the head. It has really been a powerful tool. thank you! Now on the road to recovery Ive never felt so clear and pure 'purification' is a great feeling. I just wanted to say thank you very much for breaking it down the way u did in the book. Its truly a masterpiece.
Sincerely Billy

The best book of its kind!
Amazon Review, June 27, 2009
By James Calhoun (Burtonsville, Maryland, United States)

"I have been a pastor for twenty three years and there were many times when I needed one book that would answer all of the questions that seekers had about faith in a cogent and scientific manner. I was never able to find that one book until now, and Dennis Marcellino has written it! The author seems to make a pretty bold claim when he says that he has discovered and written "the proof" about the existence of God and the veracity of the Bible. When I first picked up the book I was skeptical, however, by the time I put it down my skepticism had been laid to rest. A famous baseball player once quipped about his athletic prowess that,"It ain't bragging if you can back it up." Well this author certainly has backed up his claims with a very readable and enjoyable book. Great job!"

My name is Collin Mutambo and I am a Christian living in Uganda, East Africa. I have been inspired by your book and I pray that the Lord blesses you so much. In a world where we are constantly challenged by many naysayers and people who rebuke the Bible as untrue and fake, your book provides just the right ammunition to counter their claims. Thank you again and I pray for people like you.
Collin Mutambo

Dear Dennis, Last September my son showed me in the Bible where the prophecies were fulfilled before Yeshua came to earth. I was raised a Jew and remained so for all my life, so it was difficult to grasp that concept. You cemented my belief in the Bible. I have a scientific mindset. In your book, The Proof, You explained it all so simply that it satisfied my doubts and made it possible for me to accept Yeshua, the Messiah. I am going to be baptized in one of our hot mineral water pools on May 8. my 66th birthday. Thank you so very much for writing this book. I'm hurrying to finish it so I can read the new book.
God Bless you, Dennis

Today, Bill baptized a new baby Christian who got saved in our fellowship. It wasn't until she read, The Proof, that she said, "now, because of Dennis' book (The Proof), my faith is firmly cemented". I just wanted you to know that the books you sent me are being loaned out and they are a powerful witness to people in our community.
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of Power, and of Love, and of a Sound Mind." (2Tim 1:7)