Eliminates inner conflicts

The results of a 5 decades long search for Truth and the optimum ways to live
that included deep involvements in 20 different approaches to lifestyle, Truth and personal problem solving
that finally worked in ending my inner problems and giving me peace, confidence and deep fulfillment... and can work for you too! :-)

After doing this course, you won't need a psychologist, counselor or growth group of any kind. You will be independently strong and clear for life.

Forming a DIRECT relationship with God (the way God wants it to be)

Module 1: Proof that God exists Objective, Scientific Proof that God Exists. And Proof is Critical. Otherwise, what makes a belief in God any more credible than atheism? This course contains the most advanced scientific (yet easy to understand) and philosophical proofs in history ... including new proofs.

Module 2: The Most Advanced Personal/Spiritual Formation Program on Earth This course contains the most advanced scientific and philosophical proofs in history ... including new proofs. This is critically important because a person is only going to carry out what they believe is true. Therefore, a point of this module is so that a person knows without a shadow of doubt what THE truth is about life and existence, which then ensures a peaceful, functional life that is in harmony with God :-)

Module 3: Understanding God's motive and 7 Phase history with free will beings Objective Understanding of God's motive and plan in creating free will beings (including us) and His 7 phase His-story in solving the problem that comes with free will.

Module 4: Experience peace about death Why Jesus said that “few” will make it to Heaven, including some in ministry. How we can have a real assurance about the afterlife.

Module 5: How to experience and zero in on God's guidance in every moment

Module 6: Why following the Bible works and (unlike how it's often represented in the world) contains the ultimate spiritual path Both personal and societal proof that following the Bible to the letter creates peace, love, a sound mind, no fear, no intimidation, confidence, security, clarity, a high sense of purpose, deep fulfillment, and no weakness for addictions.

Module 7: Why following the mainstream culture and "the flesh" doesn't work Proof that following the mainstream culture and every impulsive thing that emanates out of “the flesh” doesn't work.

Most of this includes Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom
that you generally don't find in church.

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Read Me First!
Proverbs 3:13, "Happy is the person who finds wisdom and increases their understanding." And you'll be doing a lot of that here :-)
When you finish this course and accomplish all that's in it, you will be independently strong and clear for the rest of your life :-) The world's ways and other people's opinions will have no power over you. Your primary connection will be with your Creator, who will infuse you with peace and strength as you are in unity with Him and His ways. Like the Bible says, you will just be a traveler here on Earth heading for your final destiny, which is eternity in a perfect Kingdom, which you will also be a citizen of while on Earth, where your experience will become more and more in harmony with God … one of power, love, a sound mind and no fear.

So with that inspiration, this is what you will accomplish with this course. You will build your understanding and experience of life by going through the modules here. And that building will start with a foundation of what the proven truth is about this existence. It will not be a belief, but rather an acceptance of what the proven truth is … that there is a God behind existence and that that God loves human beings and therefore gave us a book as to what everything is about, and how we can be a part of His perfect society, which human beings have failed but which will triumph in the end, and which we can be a part of both now and in the end.

In this course I will show how to have total confidence - both intellectually and experientially - that what is in that book is all true. Then I will show how to understand and apply what is in that book, as well as the statistical reasons to do so.

This course is going to give you the opportunity to focus on that which is rarely focused on in this life, yet is the most important focus: Why are we here? Where did everything come from? Why was it all created? What is the meaning and purpose of it all? What was the motive and plan of its Creator? And how do we fit in? And as you learn the answers to all of those questions, know that what you will be learning is based on objective, scientific proof. Unfortunately, most of those behind the mainstream institutions show no interest in all of this … to their own detriment, given that not one of them will escape death, where ALL will be confronted with these questions and how they responded. And worse yet, how they prevented others from addressing these questions through censorship and diverting people away from these questions through entertainment, sports, and indoctrination in schools and on television with the tenets of its religion - Secular Humanism (which is propagated with the science fiction of evolution and global warming and the dysfunctional ways of political correctness).

So you'll start with module 1 and building the foundation. You'll do so by following what is in the “Module 1 Checklist” and in the order that is laid out for absorbing the materials in Module 1. It's important to start your building of the foundation with a proof of God's existence, because everything after won't have credibility if the basic building blocks of the foundation aren't proven beyond a shadow of doubt.

Here is a key understanding to begin with. An honest evaluation of life shows that human beings only have limited control over their experience in this life. And many of them struggle against their natural inclinations in order to fit in with the mainstream culture and the people around them. But only following God's designs yields the best experiences and avoids the worst experiences. This is just objective fact, as we all play this game of life that we've been placed in along with God. Therefore, the wise person learns the rules of the game and lives in harmony with its good outcomes rather than struggle against the set good rules of the designs just to follow the world or others or the impulsive side of their “flesh”.

There is one other VERY important realization to begin with. In all my years in psychology, there is one principle that stands above the rest in us gaining the most control we can have in this life. And here it is. Whatever we THINK is true, our heart will respond AS IF it's true, whether it's true or not. Therefore, one test of whether we are in harmony with THE truth is if the experiences in our heart are positive or negative. The Bible also says this with the statement "As a man thinks, so is he." (When the Bible says "man" it means "human", not just "male", but "male and female"). So if we want to improve our experience, we must change our thinking to be more in line with THE truth. And THE truth is what this course will be presenting AND proving. Another Bible verse that applies here is: "Be transformed by the renewal of your mind."

So lets get started in building your understanding and acknowledgment of THE Truth about life (and Plato's Law of Non-Contradiction says that there is ONLY ONE true explanation as to what is behind life and what it's all about … which you'll come to fully know with this course). And that starts with Module 1's Objective Proof of the Existence of God.

To purchase this course (with a 60 day money back guarantee if you do all the homework and aren't satisfied) - choose one of the options below.
Digital vs. Physical option
Putting the price in perspective:
Wouldn't the price of the one time, over and done events of

a couple of nights at an inexpensive hotel or

a moderately priced airline flight or

a couple of visits to a psychologist

be worth an investment in having your mind and heart achieve peace and clarity for the rest of your life and after this life?

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